Art of the Aquapocalypse: MMS students compose music, create mobiles after water crisis


George Frideric Handel was commissioned to compose his “Water Music” suites by King George I for a concert on the River Thames in 1717.

30-IMG_0453Nearly 300 years later, Mountaineer Montessori School students  had a slightly different source of inspiration for writing music with a water theme: a chemical leak on the Elk River. As our students faced week four of the WV water crisis, MMS brought in a professional song-writing team on Monday, Feb. 4, to lead a special workshop to help students express their ideas about the current situation in song.  Students from age 3 to 12 took part.

The song-writing duo of Mira Stanley and Chuck E. Costa is scoring and finalizing the student-composed songs, which will soon be recorded. MMS students look forward o sharing children’s views about water and their environment through music.
(Here’s a link to the school song, which students wrote under the leadership of Mira and Chuck in 2011; it’s very moving, fun, and worth a listen:

This isn’t the school’s first special art-related activity focusing on the water crisis. Last week,  under the direction of Nancy Johnston, students created spectacular, soaring towers constructed from the plastic water bottles that have been in frequent use at the school.  When life gives you Aquapolocalypse, our students make art!

Read all about it:

MMS students make aquapocalypse art , State Journal, February 7, 2014