She loved her son’s experience at MMS so much that she quit her job and joined our faculty

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Becca and Drew Moore

When Becca Moore enrolled her son, Drew, at MMS, little did she know that it would lead to big change and a new career. Excited by what she learned through her son’s experience, Becca eventually left her position in the Kanawha County Schools and started training to become a Montessori teacher, joining our faculty last year.

Your tax-deductible contribution to our 2015 annual fund campaign, “Hand in Hand” will help ensure another year of excellence in education by sponsoring training for MMS teachers like Becca. Authentic, on-campus Montessori training is specialized, expensive and only available out of state.  Becca is pursuing one of the most rigorous programs available, AMI Montessori 6-12 training at the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, Inc. She has completed two of three summer-long sessions in Milwaukee, learning with and from Montessori educators from around the United States and the world.



We invite you to learn more about Becca and her deep commitment to Montessori…a commitment that started by leaving her job and taking a chance on MMS:

Why did you choose to be a Montessori guide?

“I enrolled my son in Montessori after hearing about it through family members. I fell in love with everything he was doing and everything about Mountaineer Montessori School. I regularly talked with Dana (Gilliland) and Julie (Margolis) who both were adamant about me becoming a part of the school. I listened to them and left my job at Kanawha County Schools to embark on this journey.”

Becca Moore gets into the swim of Montessori.

Becca Moore and a lower el student get into the swim of Montessori.

Why did you choose AMI training?

“Dana had recommended that I attend an AMI training that would certify me from first grade through sixth grade. She was very passionate about AMI and the integrity that it withheld in Maria Montessori’s lessons and methodology. She knew it was a very thorough training and I would leave the training prepared in all ways for my Montessori career. I agreed to it because I wanted to know everything possible about Montessori and receive the best so I could give the best to my students.”

How is it different from others?

“AMI maintains the teaching that Maria Montessori and Mario Montessori started with based on her scientific findings on how children learn best and their specific needs at different periods of development. It upholds all that Dr. Montessori believed in and still maintains the importance of her lessons in their original presentations.”



Becca Moore consults with a lower elementary student on construction of a paper model home.

Becca Moore consults with a lower elementary student on construction of a paper model home.

What separates Montessori from traditional education models?

“The biggest factors that separate Montessori from traditional schools are that it follows the child, uses materials based on the development of the child, and allows for the education of the whole child. The materials support a child’s progressions from the need of concrete materials to abstract thinking. It’s not just about academics. It is about teaching a child how to become a part of a greater society as well.”

What are some of the Montessori methodology/philosophy’s greatest attributes for students?

“Maria Montessori talked about the construction of man in her lectures and how the child has a need for certain components to construct himself. He learns how to be independent, compassionate, and can think for himself and reason to a greater degree. The child is able to express gratitude for its surroundings and build a greater appreciation for his surroundings. It’s peace education in a world that needs a lot more peace and cooperation among men.”


HandinHand_2Becca believed in Montessori so much she quit her job to become part of MMS. A tax-deductible donation is one way you can demonstrate your thanks to her and our other dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping your child and all students discover and become who they were meant to be. Please put your hand in hers…and ours…with your gift today. Contributions may be made online or by sending a check to: MMS Annual Appeal, 308 20th Street SE, Charleston, WV, 25304.