Students meet with Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders to promote understanding, build bridges

Torah“I think it’s really cool that you are all friends.”

That’s how one of our middle school students responded when learning that Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in our community are colleagues and friends, working together to promote peace and understanding.

In the Montessori peace tradition, seventh- and eighth-year students are immersed in a unit on western religion this month, studying the Abrahamic faiths and their impact upon history and culture. This week, they met with Rabbi Victor Urecki at B’nai Jacob Synagogue, Monsigor Edward Sadie at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral, and Imam Dr. Sameh Asal at our middle school. All of the clergy expressed surprise at our students’ level of understanding and engagement in the project.

HostTo prepare, students have been reading fiction and non-fiction, conducting independent research, participating in college-like seminar discussions and experiencing different cultures through food, games and traditions. Next week, they will share a pot luck featuring dishes from students’ various national and religious backgrounds.

We extend our gratitude to Rabbi Urecki, Mgr. Sadie and Imam Asal for taking time out of their demanding schedules to share insights with and build understanding in our school community.

“Peace is what every human is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.” Maria Montessori


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