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Montessori is education in living color. Alive. Bright. Real.

For 40 years, Mountaineer Montessori School has brought learning to life, offering a hands-on, real world, world-class education that inspires children to discover and become who they were meant to be. Year after year, alumni and current students tell us that their MMS experience made a profound impact on their life, instilling a love of learning, self-confidence and leadership that carries with them wherever they go.

With your help, MMS not only met last year’s annual fund financial goal but exceeded it! As a result, we were able to:

ilcEducation in Living Color is our 2016 campaign to fund our rich academic and arts programming and ensure excellence in the year ahead through:

This year’s goal is $25,000. The campaign is off to a very bright start with a $12,500 anonymous matching pledge to MMS.  Now is the time for our school community to come together to help us reach our goal.  With the matching funds, every dollar donated will go twice as far.  We need 100 percent participation to meet our goal and every gift of every size counts.

As MMS enters its fifth decade as a “sanctuary of learning,” we invite you to sustain our special tradition for students today and beyond. Let’s color their world together!

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Learn how MMS has colored the worlds of:


Emily Beal, Ethan, Arie Spitz, Owen, Ellen and Tom Beal

“MMS gave me a wonderful foundation for my education and a love of learning.   Throughout my life, I have talked to people from many states and countries and different backgrounds, and I cannot name one person who had a better elementary school based both on happy memories and good education.” Emily Beal, PhD.

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Ukiah Cordell

“MMS is a place that I can be myself without worrying about judgment.” Ukiah Cordell, seventh year student.

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Yasin, Bettina Werner, Dr. Ali Shams and Amin

“The most important decision parents make in their life is how to provide the best education for their children in order to make them happy and successful individuals. After doing extensive research we decided that a Montessori school was the best choice for us. Montessori schools keep the curiosity and the love of learning that every child is born with alive, and help them become happy individuals by showing them there are no limits to what they can do.”  Ali Shams, M.D.

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kahwash-sisters-c2“Montessori influenced my education by reminding me the point of why I go to school. It’s easy to get lost in the point and grade system, so having the background of Montessori helped me not lose sight of learning.” Deema Kahwash, senior, George Washington High School; National Merit Semi Finalist, Beta Club.

“… although Montessori has greatly influenced my success in academics, the most important things I learned there were not from a book. The teachers treated me and all of the students as equal and did not dismiss opinions and concerns just because of the age of the speaker, but listened and took every child into consideration. I learned, through my experiences, to respect everyone, especially those who share vastly different opinions than me. I learned to appreciate diversity and the value of knowing people from different backgrounds and learning from their stories.” Jenna Kahwash, 10th grade, George Washington High School; Beta Club. 

“Montessori has influenced my education and interests in an amazingly positive way. It has helped me think deeply about situations and analyze them differently.” Leana Kahwash, sixth year student

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Tysean Lynch, Samantha Van Den Berge-Lynch, primary guide, and Xavi, second year student

Tysean Lynch, Samantha Van Den Berge-Lynch, primary guide, and Xavi, second year student

“The Montessori difference is that the education the child receives is for the whole child and that it is such a personal path. I think that one of my favorite components of the Montessori approach is the concept of ‘following the child.’ I think it’s such a beautiful opportunity for children to take the lead and show the guide what resonates most with them. As I think of my son growing up, I hope most that he will always be engaged in the direction his life path goes that is what he has learned and continues to learn at Mountaineer Montessori.” Samantha Van Den Berghe-Lynch, Primary II Lead Guide

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