Parents experience Montessori through the eyes of a child

Practical life in Primary I.

Impressive. Peaceful. Inspiring. Zen. Focused. Interesting. Enlightening. Challenging. Enjoyable. Progressive. Happy. Engaging.

These are among the words MMS parents and friends chose to describe their impressions of our classrooms at a special “Montessori Journey and Discovery Experience” presented on Saturday, January 7. For a few hours, adults were allowed to go back in time and see and interact with our unique Montessori learning environments–primary, lower elementary, upper elementary and middle school–through the eyes of a child.

Immersed in the peace and beauty of our classrooms, the time flew by as parents were absorbed with a rich selection of materials, books and special exhibits designed to give them a child’s perspective on the Montessori method and deeper understanding of what their students do at school.





Discovering the Montessori magic


Lower elementary language materials.

The Montessori Journey and Discovery began with an exploration of the classroom environment through the lens of quiet observation, gathering first impressions as a child may have done in his or her first hours at school. Taking in the sensory richness and detail of the Montessori classrooms, adults experienced the sense of order and sequence which so elegantly engages the children who work within these walls.

Following the silent observation, parents actively engaged with some Montessori lessons and materials at each level… discovering the qualities that are so magical for children.

The event wrapped up with a discussion, as parents, friends and teachers joined together to share reflections and observations.

We are grateful for our guides and staff who designed such an impactful event and the many, many parents and friends who came along for the journey.

At MMS, we are a community of learners. The “Montessori Journey and Discovery Experience” is just one of the many events and opportunities available to parents and the public to gain deeper understanding of Montessori education, parenting and our school. Please watch for updates on future parent education activities.


Primary classroom

A lower elementary classroom.

Upper elementary classroom

Exploring middle school materials.

Visualizing atomic structure of copper on Bohr model.

Lower elementary geometry materials.

Primary math materials.

Geography work.

Map work.

Primary I sensorial area.

Sharing observations in Lower Elementary I.