Support MMS through Kroger, Amazon Smile and Box Tops programs

Put your child’s education in your basket every time you shop!

Your everyday grocery, gas and household shopping can make a big difference to your child’s school when you participate in community rewards programs through KrogerAmazon Smile and Box Tops for Education.

MMS receives 5 percent of all Kroger grocery and gas purchases through accounts linked to MMS. To link your card, go to:
to sign in or create an account, if you have not done so before. You will need your Kroger Plus Card number, or you can request a new one online if you do not have a Kroger Plus Card.

Select “Mountaineer Montessori School” as your beneficiary. Our school number is 82464. Once your Plus Card is linked to MMS, simply be sure to use it each time you shop at Kroger or fill up at a Kroger gasoline station. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RE-ENROLL EACH YEAR TO MAINTAIN YOUR MMS ACCOUNT.

Your Amazon purchases can also benefit MMS. Go to and select “Montessori, Etc.” as your designated charity–a portion of every purchase will be donated to MMS.

FInally, don’t forget to clip Box Tops coupons from your grocery purchases and bring them to the MMS office.

Thank you for taking the time to complete these steps! if you experience any difficulty, please call or stop by the school to request assistance from Beth or Jennifer.