Free to Fly: Shannon Rogers

At Mountaineer Montessori School, children are free to fly!

Our child-centered approach to education fosters learning without limits, offering students the time, space and encouragement to go as far and as high as they can.

Since our school’s founding in 1976, we’ve given wings to an estimated 1,000 children, freeing them to discover their passions, fulfill their unique potential and create stronger communities and a promising future.

As part of our “Free to Fly” campaign, students, teachers, alumni and families are sharing their stories, telling what MMS means to them and how Montessori education lifts up children, our community and our world.


This is Shannon’s MMS story:

How has Montessori impacted you?

Montessori has impacted me in so many ways, from the nonrestrictive work schedule to the one-on-one teaching methods, it has pushed me to do my best without the structured and confined atmosphere of a regular school program.

What makes MMS special to you?

Montessori is special to me because of the friends I’ve made and the teachers I’ve met. Each of them has influenced me in so many ways and it is hard to imagine life without them or Montessori.

Do you have a favorite class, subject or Montessori activity?

I really like Writing Workshop and Art class because of their diversity and just because there fun classes. I also like P.E because we do something different about every four-five weeks: not just running around a track for the entire year, but swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding, doing aerial yoga, etc. Cooking on Wednesday is really cool too, because you have to plan the meal, shop for the ingredients, and then cook the whole thing. I really don’t know what my favorite class would be, though.


Do you have a favorite “Montessori Moment?”

One memory that comes to mind is when I finally, after all year researching, writing, and preparing, presented my sixth grade project paper to the sixth grade parents and the other family/friend members of the class. That was certainly a triumphant moment and I remember being so happy and shocked that it was over.




Our campaign theme is “Free to Fly.” Can you share how Montessori has helped to lift you up?

Montessori has helped me to ‘fly’ by letting me work the way I need to work and helping me the way I need to be helped. Like if I have a question, the teacher will come over and help me out, saying ‘remember this’ or ‘look at your paper’ and will prompt me along until I arrive at the answer.

Shannon Rogers



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