Stand up for our students: Tim Tebow law up for vote again


MMMS students shared their views with WV Senator Kenny Mann, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, at the Capitol last year.

For  the past several years, Mountaineer Montessori School has been involved in efforts to pass legislation to open access to publicly funded extra curricular activities covered by the WVSSAC to independent and home school students (“Tim Tebow Law”).

Due in part to advocacy by our students, teachers and families, a bill was passed by the WV Senate and House during last year’s legislative session. However, the bill was vetoed at the last minute by Governor Jim Justice.

Two Tim Tebow-type bills have been introduced this year.

Yesterday, the House Education Committee voted down one of them, HB4007, 16-9.

Our best hope is SB130, which was passed by Senate Education last week. It now needs to be approved by Senate Finance. Click here for the text of the current bill.



We encourage all MMS families and friends to write, visit and/or call Senate Finance Chair Craig Blair and urge him to put SB130 on the committee agenda.

He can be reached at:

Senator Craig Blair

Room 461M, Building 1

State Capitol Complex

Charleston, WV 25305




Lobbyists for groups opposing opportunities for our children have been very active and visible on this issue and it is important that our students’ voices be heard at the Capitol.

As always, please pass this along to friends and family. We need all the help we can right now. Please email Dr. Heather Clawges, who has been spearheading this effort statewide, with any questions or suggestions:

For those who are interested, below is the committee vote for HB4007, which was defeated yesterday:


Chaiman Espinosa – Yea

Vice-Chairman Statler – Yea

Atikinson – Yea

Blair – Yea

Campbell – Nay

Cooper – Nay

Dean – Nay

Evans – Nay

Folk – Yea

Hicks – Nay

Higginbothom – Yea

Hornbuckle – Nay

Kelly – Yea

Moye – Nay

Pyles – Nay

Rodighiero – Nay

Rohrbach – Nay

Romine – Nay

Rowan – Nay

Rowe – Nay

Thompson – Nay

Upson – Yea

Wagner – Nay

Westfall – Nay

Wilson – Yea