MMS embarks on 43rd year of Epic Education



“Montessori empowers humanity to build a better world.”

The new mission statement of the American Montessori Society lays out a big challenge to all of us.

Education with such an inspiring aim cannot, by definition, be small, confined or standardized. It must be bold, empowering and exciting. It must give children the independence, confidence and knowledge to seek new horizons, explore their world, seize opportunities and solve problems, and take their learning as far and as high as their vision. It must be “epic!”

At Mountaineer Montessori, we’re into our fifth decade of this very special approach of “no limits” learning. We are proud of our tradition of excellence and innovation of education, forged by generations of incredible students; highly qualified, experienced faculty and staff; unwavering commitment to high-fidelity Montessori; continuous investment in teacher training, the educational environment and materials; and enthusiastic support from our families and community

Our 1,000+ alumni have taken their MMS experience across the country and around the globe to do some amazing things and build a better world…with current students following right behind.

“Epic Education,” our 2018-19 Annual Report, notes major highlights from the year, including:

We hope you enjoy this look back, become inspired by our vision, and embark with us on another epic year at MMS!