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MMS 2021-22 Forward Together Handbook Supplement-Covid policy update

Back to school is always a time of great anticipation for students, teachers and parents. This year brings not only the excitement of a new year of learning, but a new facility, new programs and many new families to our school — all at a time when our health and safety environment continues to evolve.

 It’s within this dynamic of excitement and change that we present Forward Together, a 2021-22 supplement to our parent handbook. This document updates the policies and protocols that have been developed to support a safe, strong and successful school year for our community, and reflects evolving best practices as well our own experience administering new procedures over the past 16 months.

Forward Togetheris a living document. We will expand, revise and update this handbook to meet changing conditions and new directives, as well as to provide further guidance as required. Now, more than ever, your patience and partnership will be essential for a successful year.

 Founded in 1976, MMS has built a proud tradition of excellence and innovation in education, continually evolving and growing to elevate our programs and community. If the past is any indication, and with your support, we have every confidence that we will continue to raise the bar in the year ahead.

 Welcome back!