Hope Scholarship and 2022-23 preview

During the 2021 session, the WV Legislature authorized creation of the Hope Scholarship program.

The Hope Scholarship is an Education Savings Account (ESA) that parents can use to pay for a wide variety of education options.

Starting in the 2022-23 school year, the program will offer eligible West Virginia families with $4,600 per year/student to pay for private school tuition, curriculum, special needs therapy, transportation, and other qualified expenses.

Initially, the Hope Scholarship program is for students who have been enrolled in public school for a minimum of 45 days at time of application or who are kindergarten age (age 5 by July 1) at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. 

It is our understanding that current and new MMS students rising to the third year of Primary (kindergarten) in the fall, would be eligible, as are new students in first grade and up who are applying from a public school. 

According to the WV Treasurer’s website, scholarship applications will open no later than March 2022.

Families interested in the Hope Scholarship should visit the WV State Treasurer website and sign up for a mailing list created to update the public on deadlines and procedures for applying.

Our Board of Directors has been monitoring developments, including attending a Hope scholarship information session held at a local private school. This article provides an overview of that presentation and highlights of some of the unresolved legal and practical issues regarding eligibility and implementation.

We continue to await guidance from the WV Department of Education and WV Treasurer’s Office and will share information as it becomes available. The Hope Scholarship program could be revisited by the legislature in the upcoming 2022 session and/or affected by litigation.

It is incumbent upon parents to stay current on developments by signing up for the WV Treasurer’s Office list and by reading school announcements.


If you have other questions, please feel free to contact MMS Board President Clifton Clark.


Important: 2022-23 re-enrollment

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to prepare for registration for a new school year!

In light of the Hope Scholarship, as well as continuing strong interest in our school, it will be more important than ever for families to adhere to re-enrollment procedures and deadlines for 2022-23.

Details and dates will be announced soon, with the re-enrollment deadline typically falling in mid-February. New siblings of current students must also enroll at this time.

Applications will open for new and transfer students after the enrollment window for current families closes. MMS has maintained waiting lists for several years.

We anticipate another year of full enrollment at all levels, and cannot guarantee a spot for your child after the deadline.

We are well into planning for 2022-23, and have been giving tours to prospective families continuously since September.

Your timely re-enrollment holds a space for your child and helps us meet staffing, training and facilities needs for all students in the year ahead.

Please watch your email for forthcoming details on registering for 2022-23.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Carriger.