Faculty and Staff



A high quality education for your child starts with highly qualified teachers in the classroom.  At Mountaineer Montessori, you’ll find experienced and dedicated faculty and staff who are passionate about education and committed to nurturing your child’s unique potential.  MMS faculty train at AMS or AMI affiliated and MATCE-accredited programs (see below) and bring more than 250 combined years of professional education experience — 200+  in authentic Montessori classrooms — to MMS.  Our teachers have received specialized training in Positive Discipline and our faculty includes certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators.

You can learn more about their specialized training and credentials here.

Mountaineer Montessori is an American Montessori Society (AMS) Pathways to Continuous School Improvement program school. Pathways, a mission-driven, standards-based process that helps schools achieve and maintain Montessori excellence, is administered by AMS, the nation’s foremost Montessori organization. MMS is the only full member AMS school in West Virginia.



Meet our faculty (please see the biography section for each department for complete descriptions of each faculty member’s experience and education.)

Administrative Staff 

Jennifer Carriger

Beth George
Assistant Director

Stephanie Spradling
Administrative Assistant

John Elswick Facilities





















Toddler Faculty

Van Den Berghe-Lynch
Toddler Lead Guide

Sara Spolrich Toddler Guide

Tiffany Reynolds
Toddler Assistant










Primary Faculty

Sara Lloyd
Primary I Lead Guide

Angela Walker
Primary II Lead Guide

Kaylin Ellison Primary II Assistant

Melinda Slack Primary I Assistant

Maria Kershner-Leon
All Day Montessori Primary Assistant

Margaret Lawrence
All Day Montessori Primary Assistant

Susie Newhouse
Plus Guide
Primary Specialist






















Elementary Faculty 

Alasha Al-Qudwah
Upper Elementary II Lead Guide

Emily Christian
Upper Elementary I Lead Guide

Tara Fought
Lower Elementary I
Lead Guide

Shannon Reeves
Lower Elementary II Co-Lead Guide

Denessa Rouse Lower Elementary II Co-Lead Guide

Sonji Byers-Baldwin
Lower Elementary I Assistant

Brittany Javins
Upper Elementary II Assistant/ Student Support Specialist

Karen Kelly
Upper Elementary I Assistant/
Elementary Specialist

























Middle School Faculty

Sarah Halstead
Middle School Guide

Dr. Emily Beal
Middle School Guide

Maria Kershner-Leon
Foreign Language Specialist














Faculty Specialists

Bernard di Gregorio
Strings Teacher

Beth George Administrative Assistant Computer Teacher

Beth George
Computer Teacher
Assistant Director

Claire Hemme
Elementary Assistant/Specialist

Barrie Kaufman
Art Teacher Emeritus
Art Curriculum Advisor

Karen Kelly Elementary Science Specialist

Maria Kershner-Leon
Foreign Language Specialist
Plus Program Assistant

Margaret Lawrence
Reading Specialist

Julie Margolis
PE Consultant

Karen Morris
Music Teacher

Elea Paybins Art Teacher Elementary Plus Staff

Dr. Ray Singleton
Reading Specialist

Darlene Spangler
Reading Specialist

Evan Young
Physical Expression
After School Enrichment Specialist



























After School Plus Program Faculty

Karen Kelly
Plus Program Director

Susie Newhouse
Plus Program Guide

Elea Paybins Elementary Plus Staff

Janett West Plus Assistant