2018 Annual Appeal Ambassador: Julianna Storm

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Founded in 1976, Mountaineer Montessori is West Virginia’s original and largest Montessori school, offering a world-class educational experience to 140 students ages 3-14 right here in Charleston–the heart of Appalachia.

“Spreading Our Wings,” the 2018 MMS Annual Appeal, will provide critical funding to help us meet the growing demand for superior academic options in our community and sustain our 42-year tradition of excellence and innovation in education.

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As part of our “Spreading Our Wings” campaign, students, teachers, alumni and families are sharing their stories, telling what MMS means to them and how Montessori education lifts up children, our community and our world.


This is Julianna Storm’s story:

 How has your time at Montessori impacted you?

I have gone to Montessori my entire life. I have met so many great friends, teachers, and my family out on my own. Now being in the seventh grade, Montessori has impacted me a lot. It has taught me how to read, write, listen, and learn in an environment where I am able to express myself and be who I want to be. Montessori has showed me it is ok to ask questions and go deeper into what you already know.

Do you have a favorite subject or activity?

I would be lying if I told you I did not like all of the subject in Montessori, but there are a few that stick out to me the most. One of my top favorite classes would be music. I have loved the arts all of my life so being able to challenge myself and work towards my goals at school is a lot of fun. We are currently working on Ukulele with my lovely teacher Alasha. She has helped me read the ukulele, and help me improve what I already know.

Any special “Montessori moments” during your time at this school?

I have several memories that have helped me become a better person through this school. That is why I love Montessori so much. One of my favorite memories with this school was in primary. My mother had always told me how I chose the school I am at now. It was my first year here and I did not know anyone. I had fallen on the playground and a little girl asked if I was ok and helped me up. At that point I knew that it was destiny and I truly do belong at this school.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “Spreading Our Wings” can you think of a way that being at MMS had helped you fly?

This school has given me information that I will take on the rest of my life. I have learned how to be independent and use my questions as a way of teaching myself. One of the most important rules of Montessori is the “golden rule.” The rule is treat others the way you want to be treated. All of this is very important when first coming to a Montessori school. It has taught me a lot and I hope it will teach others.


What are your visions for the future? Do you have any goals you would like to pursue right now?

I have always dreamed of a career in the arts. All of the arts are beautiful and it makes me want to paint our city in it. I have many goals with school, home, and my future. One of my top goals right now is to focus on school and continue to be kind and loving to others. I would also like others to do the same and make our town a better place.



How do you see yourself in the community in the future? Do you plan on staying in Charleston?

I hope that when I get older, I care for others and the world we live in. I hope that I still stay in touch with all of my friends and teachers as they all help me grow in several ways. I hope to be helpful kind to everyone and all. I do plan on staying in Charleston for years to come. After I graduate, I want to explore the world and find my true self. After I have found everything I wanted to find, I hope to meet the love of my life and move back to Charleston to start a growing family.


The Storm family: Dr. Jean, Gabriella, Isabella, Julianna and Dr. Shawn.


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