Epic Education: The Fiorelli Family

The Mountaineer Montessori out-of-the-box, out-of-the-classroom approach to education empowers the potential in each child and creates an inspired future for our students, community and world.

Founded in 1976, Mountaineer Montessori is West Virginia’s original and largest Montessori school, offering a world-class educational experience to 142 students ages 3-14 right here in Charleston. “Epic Education,” the 2019 MMS Annual Appeal, will provide critical funding to help us meet the growing demand for superior academic options in our community and sustain our 43-year tradition of excellence and innovation in education.

As part of our campaign, MMS students, families, teachers and alumni are sharing their Montessori stories to highlight what epic education means to them and the impact our school has made.

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This is the Fiorelli family’s story:

Why did you choose Montessori for your family?

Abbey Fiorelli, with AJ Fiorelli and Emmy (Primary), Noelle (Lower Elementary) and Dylan (Upper Elementary)

I come from a background in Montessori. My mom is a long-time Montessori educator and I was fortunate enough to have both pre-primary and primary Montessori schooling. Montessori isn’t just education for our family, it is a way of life. I grew up in a household that was built around Montessori values and I strive to instill those values in my children as well. Teaching a love of lifetime learning and exploration is very important to us, and we know that a Montessori education will give our children the skills to not only achieve their educational goals but also thrive in their communities.

What makes MMS special to you?

We love the sense of community that comes with MMS. As transplants to the Charleston area, we didn’t have any local family or a built-in friend network to support us. We were welcomed into the MMS community with open arms and have built a strong network of friends and teachers who help support our children each day. We take comfort in knowing that our children at well cared for during the school day and we love the community mentality of the parents which allows us to lean on each other as our lives get busy. The families at the school have become extensions of our own families and we enjoy sharing our thriving community with them.


What do your children like best about school?

I have found that this year, more than any other, our children are embracing the challenge of learning new things. They each come home each day excited to share the new skills they are gaining in the classroom and can’t wait to tell us about their achievements each day. They truly have a love for learning and a passion for sharing their skills with others in the classroom.







What do you and/or your child find to be “epic” about MMS?

We find the idea that our children are learning to be leaders and listeners as they navigate new challenges at MMS to be epic. Success in relationships and careers are based on the ability to listen and lead with grace, compassion, and strength. Our children are learning these skills each day as they navigate communication, respect, leadership, and problem-solving in the classroom. We know that the skills they are learning at MMS shape every aspect of their lives—and that is epic education.







Any favorite “Montessori moment” from over the years?

I think my favorite Montessori moment is watching each child bring home their planisphere work from Primary. This is something I remember from my Primary years and I love the sense of pride that each child takes as they bring home this work. A lot of time and concentration are invested in completing this activity and I have distinct memories of each child proudly toting their rolled-up planisphere home and being eager to share their hard work with us.


MMS is Epic Education!

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