Epic Education: The Head Family

The Mountaineer Montessori out-of-the-box, out-of-the-classroom approach to education empowers the potential in each child and creates an inspired future for our students, community and world.

Founded in 1976, Mountaineer Montessori is West Virginia’s original and largest Montessori school, offering a world-class educational experience to 142 students ages 3-14 right here in Charleston. “Epic Education,” the 2019 MMS Annual Appeal, will provide critical funding to help us meet the growing demand for superior academic options in our community and sustain our 43-year tradition of excellence and innovation in education.

As part of our campaign, MMS students, families, teachers and alumni are sharing their Montessori stories to highlight what epic education means to them and the impact our school has made.

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This is the Head family’s story:

Why did you choose Montessori for your family?

Carolyn and Lucas Head with Arthur and Eloise

After extensive research, we chose Montessori for many reasons. We love the self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and freedom to explore at an individual pace. Children learn through all five senses both in the classroom and outdoors. Children naturally listen to their peers, so the mixed age classroom fosters learning when they strive to reach new goals and reinforces concepts through teaching each other. We are confident we made the right decision because our son has had the opportunity to advance within the curriculum, develop leadership skills, and build independence.







What makes MMS special to you?

Since beginning MMS at age 3, our son has remained genuinely excited to attend school every day. We are grateful a strong foundation and early love of learning has been established. He is respected and valued at MMS, which has directly impacted his confidence and self-esteem. His growth is fostered in all areas – socially, emotionally, intellectually. We appreciate being part of a community at MMS and have benefited from classes offered to parents.

What does your family like best about MMS?

We love the peaceful environment and passionate staff! They go above and beyond to create an environment with unique and creative activities. I am always amazed at the calm, productive vibe as you enter MMS. We are partners with the guides and are grateful for their care and open communication – especially if our son has a difficult day. It is helpful that they offer an after-school program and summer camp for year-round consistency.


What do you and/or Arthur think is “epic” about MMS?

Arthur loves “doing work, playing outside, and snack time.” We agree and think it’s “EPIC” that he eats such healthy snacks at MMS. We had no idea he loved cauliflower! Haha.


Any favorite “Montessori Moment” thus far?

One of our favorite “Montessori Moments” is the day Arthur came home with 10 large butterflies that he had made for a special art project. He was so proud of each unique and beautiful piece! How wonderful that he was given the freedom to create to his heart’s content! We displayed his paintings in our home and then he chose butterflies to give to family members as treasured gifts.



Any notable experience as a “new” MMS family?

We enjoyed the meet-up opportunities over the summer to connect with friends outside of school and meet other parents. We even hosted one at Kanawha State Forest and had a great time exploring! Getting involved through various opportunities has enriched our experience and it shows Arthur we are invested in his education.

MMS is Epic Education!

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