MMS Fundraising FAQ

MMS Fundraising: Questions You May Have
What is the MMS Annual Appeal?
The annual appeal is a yearly fundraising campaign that generates significant support for teacher training and appreciation, financial aid, and designated projects and programs—this year, a “Community as Classroom” activity bus is a priority.
Why doesn’t tuition cover the school budget?
The MMS Board of Directors and Administration are dedicated to managing tuition levels to increase access to our school. MMS tuition is significantly less than the $12,880 per pupil expenditure in West Virginia public schools. Your tuition checks cover basic expenses. Like most Montessori and private schools across the country, MMS relies on non-tuition revenue. Fundraising helps provide the distinctive programs and features that are essential to our world class education experience.
The annual appeal and other events give families a tax-deductible avenue for meeting the true costs of their children’s education, while offering the greater community a way to support our school.
How much should we give?
What is the value of a day at MMS to your child and your family? $1? $5? $10? $100? That might be a good place to decide how much to contribute. There are 180 school days in the MMS calendar.
You’ve already demonstrated your commitment to your child’s education by enrolling them at MMS. The annual appeal is the way to ensure and sustain the very reasons you chose to bring your child here in the first place.
Why do I keep hearing about the need for 100 percent participation?
Your donation is a visible and powerful affirmation of your support of your child’s school. Just as we expect all children, of every age, to contribute to the care of their classroom and school community, we similarly encourage every family to support this campaign to fund vital components of our budget. As we reach out to the greater community for significant foundation and corporate donations, it is critical that we demonstrate that our families are invested in our mission. ivermectin/pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel
I can’t spare the money right now.
We appreciate the many demands on your finances. The annual appeal runs to December 31, 2019, but we will gratefully accept a contribution at any time.
As a reminder, our online giving platform accepts credit card donations (text “mmsepic” to 52182). We invite you to forward information about the campaign to grandparents, relatives, friends, neighbors and employers, to whom you have undoubtedly shared your MMS story. Every gift of every size adds up and makes a difference! can ivermectin expire
I just want to support my child’s classroom or teacher.
The annual appeal benefits your child’s classroom by funding teacher training and professional development; covering classroom materials, furniture and facilities improvements; supporting special programs and projects; and expanding our financial aid program. Your child’s educational community is thriving due in large part to our efforts over the past few years to manifest the Montessori peace philosophy through tuition support and grants.
The annual coin drive is one way you can help fund specific, smaller priorities identified by your child’s teacher. The coin drive, while very much appreciated, is not a substitute for the annual appeal.
How else can I help?
As noted above, we invite you to encourage others to support MMS. We will gladly reach out and forward information upon request.
You can also help by getting involved with other school fundraisers, including the annual spring gala. ivermectin reviews for dogs This year’s event will be March 28, 2020 at the Charleston Woman’s Club. In addition to your own sponsorship support or ticket purchase, we invite you to help secure auction prizes or donate your own item or service to the event.
Don’t forget that every purchase you make at Amazon or Kroger can benefit MMS. For Amazon, simply sign up through Amazon Smile and select “Montessori etc” as your designated charity. For information on Kroger Community Cares, see:
Finally, we need and appreciate volunteers of all kinds! Whether you can help out for an hour or all year, your hands-on involvement is valued and makes a difference.
We are grateful for you!
Our strong 43-year tradition of excellence and innovation in education has been made possible by the generous support of parents just like you over the decades. We are grateful for your help in sustaining this amazing legacy for today’s students–and beyond– with your annual appeal donation. Please give today!