Tradition…what’s cool about our school

A Mountaineer Montessori education is shaped by many cherished traditions that have developed over our five decades. These special activities and events enrich our academic programming, foster friendships and build lifetime memories for our students and their families.  From the Sixth Year Project, to student-run lunch program, to trips to The Mountain Institute, students enjoy many unique opportunities that have come to define our school and the MMS experience.

Here are just a few of the things that are cool about our school!

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2018-19 Special Events Calendar







MMS traditions….memories, magic, Montessori!

Honoring and caring for the environment.

Celebrating Maria Montessori’s birthday!

Annual Primary Beach and Ice Cream Party.

Community service. Click on photo to learn more.

Upper Elementary begins each year with a three-day trip to The Mountain Institute. Click on photo to learn more.

Autographing tie-dye shirts at the end of the year picnic.

Sixth year graduation celebration. Click on photo for more information.

No-holds-barred field trips! Click on photo to learn more.

Celebrating MMS spirit with a student-written school song. Click to learn more.

A winning chess program. Click to learn more.



Guest artists and teachers.

Annual MLK Day March to the Capitol.

Tie Dye Day…17 years and brighter than ever!

Student-run lunch program

Upper Elementary annual trip to the Mountain Institute. Click on the photo to learn more.

Annual All-School Ice Skating Party.



Our school sign is a work of art, created by Charly Hamilton and MMS students.



Swimming lessons at the University of Charleston.

Cross Country.

Annual Upper Elementary history timeline projects.

Sixth Year Project. Click on photo for more information.

Getting our “M” on with the coolest school t-shirts ever by Charly Hamilton! Click on photo for order information.

Montessori Farm Stand.


Promoting environmental stewardship through recycling and upcycled art projects.

Turning trash into art.

Annual playground mulch volunteer “party.”

Winter and spring concerts.

Premier training and professional development for staff. Click on the photo to learn more.

Annual Capital City Pumpkin Drop.


Class plays.

Practical life.

Spring gala.

A beautiful school neighborhood.

Back to school ice cream social.

Race for Education.

Shadow Nights. Click on photo to learn more.

Animal friends.

Lemonade Day. Click on the photo to learn more.

Making music with Ron Sowell for more than 30 years.

Making beautiful art with Barrie Kaufman for three decades.

Annual third year student overnight trip. Click on photo for more information.

Amazing alumni. Click for more information.

Strings with Bernard DiGregorio for two decades. Click to learn more.