Lemonade Day


It may look like a typical childhood lemonade stand. But for MMS students participating in Lemonade Day each year, it’s much more: a training ground for future business and community leaders.

MMS helped pioneer Lemonade Day in West Virginia in 2013 and has been one of its most visible partners, running a stand each may at the Capitol Market.  An MMS student was even named WV Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his Lemonade Day efforts!

Established in Houston in 2007, Lemonade Day is a free educational program that gives children the skills and opportunity to create and run their own business – a lemonade stand. Starting with 2,700 students in one city, Lemonade Day grown into a national entrepreneurship movement involving millions of children across the country.

Each year, an estimated 5,500 students set up more than 100 lemonade stands throughout West Virginia. Groups participating in Lemonade Day receive materials to help prepare for the big day, including lessons on how to create budgets, set goals and work with customers.

The goal of Lemonade Day is to empower youth to take ownership of their lives and become active and engaged members of society – the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.

“Lemonade Day helps students understand that not only can they create their own business, but they can create their own future,” says Vision Shared President/CEO Cory Dennison.

For the students participating in Lemonade Day, it’s a chance to see how lessons from the classroom apply in the real world.

During their four hours at the Mountaineer Montessori School lemonade stand at the Capitol Market each year, students put math, teamwork and problem-solving skills into action, serving long lines of customers on a busy Saturday.

Still smiling at the end of the day, students were enthusiastic about the idea of running their own business in the future.  “It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun,” says 12-year-old Ellis Bell about the experience.