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Jamie condensedThe Mountaineer Montessori School adolescent program, serving seventh and eighth year students, combines the best of Montessori practices with current research on adolescent education, with a special emphasis on the unique intellectual, emotional and physical transitions students at this age experience. Our program offers an academically rigorous curriculum with high expectations for each student. Holistic, individualized support enables each student to develop his or her full potential as a future leader and contributing member of society.

Education for life

The program is based upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for a “school of experience in the elements of social life,” emphasizing work that is meaningful, collaborative and adult-like. Her plan for work and study offers adolescents true integration of knowledge and experience as well as opportunities for genuine contribution to their community. The result is intellectual independence, an awareness of human connections and the strengthening of moral character.

Program and curriculum design

The Mountaineer Montessori Middle School, introduced in August 2014, is the only one of its kind in West Virginia.  It offers an academically rigorous, project-based curriculum emphasizing STEM, arts, entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship and community service.

The MMS 7th and 8th grade program was developed in partnership with two of the world’s leading Montessori adolescent education consultants:  Laurie Ewert-Krocker, the founding head teacher of the Hershey Montessori School Farm School, widely considered the premier Montessori adolescent program in the country, and David Kahn, executive director of the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA).  Their expert advice contributed to site selection and facilities, curriculum design and resource development.

Learn more about the Montessori adolescent curriculum in our prospectus.MMS-Middle-School-Prospectus_1


Why a Montessori Middle School? 

condensed ThaibillyThe new program was developed in response to an enrollment jump of nearly 50 percent at Mountaineer Montessori School (MMS) in the last two years and increasing requests from the community for alternatives to one-size-fits-all education for students beyond their sixth year.

Research supports the advantages of the Montessori adolescent curriculum, including:

  • Higher levels of achievement
  • Superior talent development
  • Higher levels of interest and intrinsic motivation





Grand opening c7The Mountaineer Montessori Middle School is located at Unity of Kanawha Valley, 804 Myrtle at Bridge Road, in Charleston’s South Hills neighborhood.  This convenient location provides ready access to the historic Carriage Trail, the lovely Sunrise neighborhood and downtown Charleston.

The Montessori approach extends the curriculum beyond the classroom walls, and students pursue their education throughout our community, state and region.





Dina Hornbaker, left, and Bridgett Steveson

Dina Hornbaker, left, and Bridgett Steveson

The MMS Middle School program is led by Bridgett Steveson, who brings extensive experience at some of the most respected environmental education programs in the world, with assistance from Dina Hornbaker, who has a rich background in permaculture, music and Spanish language. (Learn more about MMS faculty here.)










What do our students say?


Students describe the Mountaineer Montessori Middle School program as “an exciting ride of self-discovery” and “It’s not book, pencil, paper. It’s get your hands on it. Do it. Figure it out.”  You learn more in the latest issue of the middle school newsletter and our blog.

MMMS Newsletter January 2015


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