Primary (ages 3 to 6)An Environment Designed for your Child

Primary class

The three-to-six year old is a very active learner and our environments are designed to give these children the freedom to move and to choose activities based upon their own interests and needs.  Materials are carefully chosen to inspire interest and to encourage appreciation of beauty and order.   All of the furniture is child-sized and the materials are designed to foster independence. Students are given individual presentations on the materials and are free to choose from a wide choice of activities.  All of these activities the lay the foundation of academic learning to come. The teacher and the assistant closely observe each child’s level of readiness for the next lesson and guide his or her through the comprehensive Montessori curriculum.  Children also engage in daily group experiences in order to build community and to develop their social skills.  Most importantly, children in the primary community develop a love of their school community and a love of learning, finding peaceful joy in their pursuit of knowledge.


Hours in attendance:  Primary children attend five days per week with hours based on age: