Sports, movement and fitness

“Watching a child makes it obvious that he learns through movement.”

Maria Montessori was a pioneer in establishing the mind-body connection, and movement is a major component of the MMS “whole child” approach to education, supporting students’ physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Daily outdoor sessions offer children the opportunity to develop gross motor skills, strength and balance through work with boards, tires and balance beams and free time on playground equipment. Dance, yoga and other physical expression opportunities are incorporated into the classroom.

Primary students enjoy activity in our beautiful campus outdoor environment and at the University of Charleston Triana Field, while lower and upper elementary and middle school students particulate in a full physical education curriculum. Utilizing facilities at the University of Charleston pool and Triana Field, along with those in the outdoor environment, Nancy Johnston and other members of our full-time, Montessori-trained faculty help children develop a positive attitude toward the improvement of physical health, strength and coordination.

Sixth-year and middle school students are eligible to participate in the MMS Cross Country team, which competes against other Kanawha County Middle Schools. MMS is also actively engaged in state-wide efforts to increase access to public school extra curricular and sports activities for independent and home school students. Learn more here.

Except for the most extreme weather conditions, students at all levels enjoy outdoor time every day. Our after school Plus Program offers many fitness and outdoor play activities.









MMS sports and fitness opportunities include: