MMS in the news 2009-12

MMS in the News 2012

On the Town: MMS Spaghetti Dinner 11/25/12

engage with MMSEngage:  The Film.  Supporting education at MMS





Montessori Sign-installingJoEllen Zacks: Montessori Method would revive public education 11/17/12





Barrie Kaufman:  Artist’s old, new work gets spotlight 11/28/12



BeadFrame1Tomorrow starts today:  MMS TV ad




Alumni News/Paula Kaufman:  Giving is best part of holidays 11/14/12.


Dustpans and the Dean’s List:  The Lessons of Housework 10/21/12,



JoEllen Zacks: Road less traveled can be road to success for West Virginia 10/21/12,


Suzanne Sanders: Teacher takes class to the mountains 10/12/12


Spaghetti dinner for Mountaineer Montessori 10/14/12


Performer brings Woody Guthrie to Mountaineer Montessori School 9/25/12


Students attend Hawks Nest ceremony 9/7/12,

Alumni News/Austin Susman:  Students’ anti-bullying video game finalist for award,


WV Executive education issue:  The Montessori experience at MMS, Summer 2012 20121001124934

Alumni News/Paula Kaufman: We should celebrate our elders 7/17/12,

Mountaineer Montessori Launches Scholarship Program  5/1/12,

MMS Student art depicts Hawks Nest Tunnel 5/14/12,

(36)Ron Sowell:  Musician wears many hats 5/10/12,





HawksNestArt01_I120417190928Montessori Hawks Nest Tunnel Project,  4/18/12




MMS in the News 2011

On the Town:  New Playground Dedication 11/28/11

11/2/11 Mountaineer Montessori opens new playground

MMS wins pumpkin Grand Slam 10/21/11


Barrie Kaufman: City pier painting project 6/27/11,

On the Town:  MMS Spring Performance at India Center 6/26/11Preview Changes


Mary McKownSchool honors Mary McKown, founder, with Charly Hamilton sign, 6/4/11

Guide leaves MMS 6/3/11



Alumni News/Hana Glasser: Coming home to West Virginia 4/29/11,

Alumni News/ Carly Thaw:  Bringing Beauty to the Stage 3/4/11,



MMS in the News 2010

On the Town: Bailey & Glasser hosts MMS fundraiser 6/20/10,

Student run their own lunch program at MMS 5/21/10,


090919_cursive_writingNational AP story featuring MMS:    As handwriting fades at traditional schools, Montessori promotes cursive





 MMS in the News 2009


Innerviews:  Montessori founder Mary McKown 1-12-09,